Deborah Condliffe Reflexology in Surrey

Foot Reflexology #01

What Is Foot Reflexology And How Does it Work?

There are over 7,000 nerves in the feet, found on the soles, sides and top of the feet. By stimulating these areas with a gentle massage and compression technique with my thumbs, fingers and hands, I am able to create a direct response in a related body area. For example, by working on the head reflex (which is found in the big toe), I can activate the body's own healing processes to help alleviate headaches.

The feet lie furthest from the heart, and the circulation tends to stagnate in these extremities, especially if the calf muscles are not pumping blood properly up the body. It is important to help blood flow back up the legs to the head, in order to avoid diseases. Waste matter, such as uric acid crystals and calcium crystals, can also build up in the bottom of the feet, because gravity pulls these toxins downwards.

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