Deborah Condliffe Reflexology in Surrey

What Can I Expect From My Reflexology Session?

Initially, I will take a full case history of your physical health. This is taken because it is important, as a therapist, that I am aware of any medication you are taking or any current or past illnesses that you may have/had. This enables me to tailor an individual treatment to suit your specific needs. (Discussing your medical history will also enable me to check for any contraindications which could affect the way in which I treat you).

Please note that all case histories are kept strictly confidential as part of the Code of Practice and Ethics of Reflexologists.

Following our confidential consultation, you will be made comfortable on a reclining chair, or treatment table, and be given the option to be covered with a blanket. You will be offered the choice of either listening to relaxing music or just enjoying the peace and quiet.

I am based in Effingham, Surrey where I have a relaxing and comfortable treatment room.

As a Reflexologist, I do not claim to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. However, I can help you to increase and maintain an optimal sense of wellbeing, which in turn will allow your body and mind to achieve a natural balance. As with all treatments, there can be some contraindications or circumstances whereby treatments are not advised. If you have any uncertainty as to whether or not you can be treated, please contact me so that we can discuss this in more detail.

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